Customers' Span:

For the working fund of the bank deposit is the prime constituent. The total deposit of the bank stood at Rs.5944.54 Crore as on 31.03.2018. The bank could register a growth of 10.46% in deposit as on 31.03.2018 over the last year. The CASA deposit comprising 54.56% of total deposit and the bank is having noticeable deposit mix. The current account deposit of bank is 270.46 Crore and Short-term deposit is 454.89 Crore.

Various Deposit Schemes in one Umbrella:

You have a wide range of choice of deposits through as many as 8 different schemes offered by Tripura Gramin Bank. You may select them according to your best suited mode for meeting all kinds of requirements like short term or long term liquidity and high rate of return. Your deposit with TGB is also safe and sound.

Savings Bank Account - This type of account is for general people. May be maintained singly or jointly with others. Save your money through this account from your regular or irregular incremental income. You can withdraw any part of your deposited amount at any point of your requirement. The account Pass Book can be used as a proof of Bank Account holder in various steps of life. Rupay ATM cards are also issued to these account holders.

Basic SB Account - An account normally used for poor people with zero (O) balance to revolve different funds and implementation of different Govt. Schemes. May be used by some organizations due to some special reason or in typical situation.

Current Deposit Account - This type of account is for people who need large scale of transactions through bank. It is very much useful for the persons related to Business enterprises, Industries and Government departments.

Recurring Deposit Account - One can open such an account to deposit a fixed amount every month in a single account for a fixed period specified at the time of opening and can get the total amount along with interest thereon at higher rate. This is useful for salaried class and people of lower income group.

Fixed Deposit Account - Customer can keep a lump sum amount in this account for a fixed period and can earn periodical interest at higher rate of interest. There may be different account for different period at per customer?s choice in the same name.

Re-Investment Plan - This is the best plan for them who hold idle sum but need to expend in future only. Keep through RIP account and get back the maturity value at higher rate of interest at compound basis after a fixed period determined at your choice.